Sunday, September 11, 2016

Allatoona Creek

I don't usually write about a ride at Allatoona. It's a great trail system, but I ride there so much. Soooo much. There's just never that much to tell. There is a bit from my ride yesterday though.

First, my Dad was in town, so we rode there together. I hadn't ridden with my Dad in a long time. He'd been riding a lot, but all of that he'd done in Dallas (TX), and there isn't too much climbing in Dallas. He wanted to ride, but I didn't want to punish him, so Allatoona seemed like a good choice.

It turned out to be, I think. He had no trouble with it, just ripped it all day.

We couldn't ride Mumbo Jumbo though, that whole side was closed, and will be for the next two week while some water line work is being done, or something.

We could ride a new trail though, one that was built recently to the north, across that bridge that they build last year. It's not a bridge to nowhere any more.

I also showed my Dad where I crashed and cracked up my ribs. It looks so trivial to ride, even now. I know what I did wrong, but I just feel even that much dumber about it when I look at the trail.

We saw a cool snake on Turtleback. I think it was a Black King Snake. Black Kings, Eastern Kings, and Pine Snakes all look kind of similar though. Some people say Pine Snakes are really just Eastern Kings. It struck me as a Black, but I'm not 100% sure. It didn't have the little triangly markings of an Eastern King. Anyway, when it saw us it got nervous and started shaking its tail like a rattlesnake. This actually made a bit of noise, rustling the grass and leaves it was lying on. I had no idea any snake shook its tail except for rattlesnakes. I wonder if maybe all snakes did way back, only a few still do, and rattlesnakes eventually developed the rattle. My Dad had recently read that some king snakes rattle their tails. It would seem so.

I had plenty of opportunity to take a photo, but sadly, it hadn't even occurred to me to bring my camera. I rarely do out there.

I guess I know better now.

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