Thursday, July 16, 2020

Baby Mockingbird

Kathryn was cutting the front yard yesterday, got close to the bushes and noticed a little bird fall out. It looked floppy and possibly injured to her, it wouldn't move, even when she got kind-of close to it, and it had a leg sticking out kind-of sideways. She came and got me to look at it, and I eventually realized that it wasn't injured, it was just little-bitty.

It let me get pretty close too. I didn't try to grab it, but I put my hand down in front of it, open, palm up, to see if it would either hop in or let me scoop it up. I figured there must be a nest nearby, and it either fell out or maybe got kicked out because it was time. If it had fallen out (i.e. if there were other, similarly sized birds still in the nest) then I'd put it back if I could. When I got too close, it hopped/fluttered a few feet away. It looked semi-capable of flight - old enough to be out of the nest, but just barely. Then two adults buzzed it a few times, chirping, and buzzed me a few times squawking. We figured maybe that's mockingbird parenting and left it alone after that.

Today I saw the same bird, or one of its siblings, hanging out in a blueberry bush in the back yard.

Young Mockingbird

Again, it let me get quite close.

It just sat there, while dozens of other random birds came and went. They really love those blueberries this time of year. Hours later it was still there, basically in the same spot. Poor little guy. It's a big, scary world out there.

I finally went for a ride and when I came back it was gone. Yay, little guy! But, that said, it probably didn't stray too far just yet. I bet I'll be seeing it again soon.

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