Monday, July 6, 2020

Lost Mountain

I ride Lost Mountain so often that there's rarely anything new and interesting to say about it. But, I think this was 2 weekends ago, Billy was leaving to go on vacation with the in-laws and, for some reason, was just dying to get in some miles that morning before he left. "6:30AM?" "Ok, yeah!" "Better make it 6:45. Those 15 minutes really make a difference." In fact they did. It was full-on dark when I left the house, and just light enough to ride when we got there.

Lost Mountain Park Lake

Oh, man, just look at those colors.

It was the first time I'd been up that early to ride in a while. The sun wasn't really up yet. Everything was damp with dew. It really had that "race day" vibe. Man, I miss that.

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