Saturday, April 24, 2021

Dr. Mary Shy Scott Memorial Park

Some time ago I did a little bit of local exploration, and actually turned up something interesting.

There's this park south of where I live, across 285, that I ended up at while riding around - Dr. Mary Shy Scott Memorial Park. I just happened to ride by it, but it looked interesting, so I rode in. There were like 300 people there playing basketball and picnicing. Lots of music. Seemed like everybody was having a really good time. I quick lap revealed a paved trail leading up a hill, which turned into a dirt trail, which became a bit overgrown, before openting up into an abandoned part of the park.

There was a retaining wall running around the perimeter.

Old Retaining Wall

And at the far end of that was more overgrown trail, which led to an abandoned playground.

Abandoned Playground 
	More Abandoned Playground

The playground was SUPER overgrown. It was hard to get those photos even, with all of the brush and thorns.

Various little trails led here and there, but aside from one that led down a hillside that had basically been converted into a multi-level retaining pond, they didn't, ultimately, lead anywhere.

Down the road, I ran into a guy who was cutting out a tree that had fallen and gotten wedged between 3 other trees on a super steep backslope. I saw him cut off 2 limbs, and as he limbed it, the main trunk would sink and just get more and more wedged between the other trees and the slope. Super dangerous work. "Man, THAT's a job!" He seemed pleased that someone acknowledged this and we chatted for a few minutes. I think he was trying to work up the courage to climb back up and do more cutting.

I hope it all worked out for him.

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