Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sawnee Mountain

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Sawnee Mountain is 15 minutes from my house.

1 - Sawnee Mountain Plaque

When it's warm I take the kids up there after work to climb on the rocks and "see the whole world". Today I even got Kathryn to come with us.

The girls are getting strong and fast. We made quick time up the Indian Seats Trail.

2 - Iz and Sophie on Indian Seats Trail 14 - Iz and Sophie on Indian Seats Trail 2 - Exposed Granite

Sawnee Mountain is covered in Yucca Plants. I can't imagine that they're native. The upper elevations are composed of loose, deteriorated granite and the Yucca's seem to love it.

3 - Yucca Plants

The Indian seats. Empty and occupied.

5 - Indian Seats6 - Iz and Sophie in the Indian Seats

"The whole world." I think technically Sawnee is the southernmost Appalachian mountain. But, when it's clear out, you can see across the piedmont to Blue Ridge, where they really start in earnest.

8 - View from Sawnee Mountain

Kathryn hung out while the kids and I climbed around on the rocks.

7 - Kathryn Near the Indian Seats9 - Sophie and Iz Inspecting the Way Down10 - Iz and Sophie Climbing Down11 - Sophie and Iz Near the High Point

Daylight was fading so we got going.

12 - Family on Indian Seats Trail

We found a tiny black "circle head" (non-poisonous) snake with on the way back. Iz actually stepped on it, but didn't hurt it. I didn't even think to get a pic.

The kids played on the playground for a few minutes.

16 - Sawnee Mountain Playground

And then we ate at Chili's.

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