Wednesday, May 20, 2009

North Bowman's Island (Yet Again)

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Last weekend's exploring left my right thigh pretty sore. Why just my right thigh? Who knows. As such though, I bailed on the weekly beatdown in favor of some hair of the dog. There are still some trails in the Bowman's Island system that we haven't been on, so me and the girlies went there.

We followed a fishing trail down to the river.

 1 - Chattahoochee

Then cut over to the Northern Trail and picked up the ridge trail. Sophie found some kind of fuzzy flower thing and demanded a picture. It was cool, but I didn't know what it was. I need to learn more about the local flora.

 2 - Sophie and Flora

There's a pile of rocks just after the start of the trail. Could be an old crumbled chimney, or maybe just a pile of rocks.

 3 - Ruins

Ridge trail. PAO trail. Food break; Clif Blocks and Cheez-It's. Yum.

 4 - Food Break

We backtracked over the ridge and picked up the fishing trail again.

 5 - Girls on Northern Trail (Ridge Trail)

There are basically 2 parallel trails leading along the river. We followed the one at the very edge, through gully after gully.

 7 - Gully Crossing

The girls had a good time climbing down and back up. Sophie cracks me up: "These are Italian Stairs daddy. I mean Indian Stairs."

 8 - Sophie Climbing


 9 - Lush Vegetation

We'd been on this same trail a few weeks back from the other direction, but didn't get too far before running out of light. Our plan was to get to that same spot, hang out for a while, then turn back. We were getting close when we ran into a pair of geese just hanging out in the river, honking like crazy. Out of nowhere, Sophie bent over and started honking back at them. Not exactly honking though, more like "Quonk!" "Quonk!!!" Me and Iz were just cracking up. The funniest part was that the geese got quiet, and then whenever she'd make her crazy noise, they'd respond softly. Hilarious.

 10 - Girls Descending

When we got where we were going, the kids kicked off their shoes and waded into the freezing water. The geese had moved downstream to check us out, but kept their distance. We didn't hang out too long, the sun was going down and it would be dark in the woods.

On the way back, we took the trail further away from the edge, avoiding the gullies. We kept seeing deer, but never got close enough to get a good view. Sophie started getting nervous about the darkness, so I made her the leader and she realized how easy it was to see the trail and how light the sky was, even though it was dark in the woods.

The trail tee'd into the Northern Trail by a scenic little feeder branch, but it was too dark for a photo. We stopped there for a second then pushed back to the truck. Not a bad way to end the day.

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