Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sawnee Mountain

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It's been raining ALL week, twice a day at least. No commuting, no group ride, no good. I've been itching to do something so after work, me and the girlies went up to Sawnee Mountain. Usually we hike up to the top to see "the whole world" but this time I had something different in mind.

I grabbed one of the complimentary maps, showed the girls where we were, told them which 2 trails I wanted to hike on and let them figure out the route. They debated for a few minutes and then figured it out. Iz was the leader for the first leg.

The Eaglet Trail sign is gigantic, but she was looking at the map and still managed to walk right past it :) I turned her around though, and from then on she figured out which way to go.

Eaglet Trail.

 1 - Iz Navigating the Eaglet Trail

Indian Seats Trail.

 2 - Iz on a Rock on Lower Indian Seats Trail

At the Yucca Trail Sophie got the map and became the leader.

 5 - Sophie Navigating the Yucca Trail

We found a cool hollow tree stump on the side of the trail.

 3 - Sophie  and a Hollow Tree Trunk

The north mine shaft. "I'll bet there's trolls in there."

 4 - Old Mine Shaft (North)

At the end of the Yucca Trail, it took them a few minutes to figure out which way to go, but they got it and Sophie got us to the Laurel Trail. From there I did the navigating.

The south mine shaft.

 6 - Old Mine Shaft (South)

"I think I see a soda can. No, it can't be because trolls don't drink soda." I explained that trolls aren't real, but I don't think Sophie was buying it.

After that the kids played on the playground for a while. We headed to a local Asian restaurant, but on the way we saw a new restaurant that had just opened so we looped back to eat there instead. While looping, Sophie noticed an old abandoned Jeep in the middle of a field of kudzu.

 7 - Old Jeep 1

 8 - Old Jeep 2

Pretty cool.

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