Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bowman's Island

Me and the girls ran around town all day today. We brought the camelbacks just in case we'd get an opportunity to do some hiking. Things took longer than we expected, but on the way home we had about an hour to kill and Bowmans Island was right there...

There was a little quadrant in the southwest that we hadn't explored yet. Last time we were out there, we saw some folks fishing on the west bank, so we figured there must be some trails over there.

Yeah, there were. Some of them were kind of hard to see with all the snow and leaves on the ground, but we made our way around. We even found our way down to the shoals, and there were a couple of guys fishing there.

 Iz at the Shoals

The trail along the river was rough and I banged my head hard on a stubby little branch after ducking under a downed tree. I think I need to wear a helmet when I walk too. My head still hurts and I've got a nice lump going.

We saw lots of animal prints in the snow. A raccoon had walked all the way down this log.

 Raccoon Prints

There was also this awesome landslide, I guess brought on by the floods a few months back.


I think we hit every trail out there. From the shoals, we found an old roadbed leading up to an abandoned looking house with a bunch of construction equipment in the yard, and a trail leading back to the parking lot we parked in.

There was a ton of poo out there too. It looked exactly like the llama poo I'd seen all over the Trillium Gap trail in the Smokies. There is a farm north of there, maybe they have llamas. I didn't see any tracks though. Kinda weird.

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