Saturday, January 30, 2010

Keown Falls

After a driving marathon to Hilton Head and back for Isabel's gym meet yesterday, I slept way in today. We got a late start, but the girlies and I still managed to get in a little adventure.

Keown Falls.

 Keown Falls Trailhead

We'd been there before, but it was years ago, in the summer, and the falls were completely dried up. I'd vowed to return after a good rain, and today pretty well qualified.

We hustled up the trail, counter-clockwise.

 Iz on Keown Falls Trail

 Sophie on Keown Falls Trail

At the top, there are all of these gnarly rock formations. Iz said if she was Survivorman, she'd crawl up under them and sleep.

 Kids Near Rock Formations

There's also another falls. Not Keown Falls proper, but still pretty good.

 Kids at False Keown Falls

Past the first falls were even more gnarly rocks. They were all blocky and cool; kind of looked like they were made out of big legos.

Keown falls itself was impressive. Looked like we picked the right day.

 Kids at Keown Falls

There's a pretty good cave going back behind it and the kids climbed all around on the rocks back up in there.

 Kids on Rocks in Keown Falls Cave

We didn't stay long, it was about 5:15 and already starting to get dim. We did make a quick trip up to the overlook though.

 Keown Falls 2

There are a bunch of stairs leading to the overlook. Last time we were there, they were building the railing. This time, the stairs were very slippery and we were glad to have it.

 Kids on Keown Falls Stairs

Along part of the trail leading back down, it looked like there'd been a fire and they'd cut all the burned trees down, leaving a spectacular view of Furnace Valley.

 Furnace Valley

We got off the trail right at 6. I wouldn't have wanted to be out much longer than that.

We grabbed dinner at Rico's Pizza in the middle of nowhere east of Calhoun. We just happened to drive by it by accident. Good pizza. And we got some live entertainment while we were there too.

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