Monday, March 8, 2010

Alpharetta Greenway

Kathryn's still in NYC. It's just me and the girls. Sophie must have totally forgotten about crushing her face yesterday because today she was all about going back to the greenway.

But, first things first. Iz had a gym meet this morning, so we were up at 6. She's mastered her skills, but she needs some pure rehearsal. She made two mistakes, one of which kept her from qualifying for nationals. No matter though. She has another chance and plenty of time to practice before then.

Post meet, we grabbed some lunch at Artuzzi's and hit the road.

If I don't look ridiculous enough in my kit, I definitely look ridiculous enough without it.

 Sock Pants

We parked at the trailhead off of Web Bridge and headed towards Kimball.

 Sophie on the Greenway

Sophie didn't make all of the hills.

 Sophie Pushing

Iz had no problem though.

 Isabel on the Greenway

At Rock Mill Park, we took a little break and headed back.

 Rock Mill Park 2

Sophie was getting tired. Not bonked out, just tired muscles. Out and back was about 5 miles. By the end, she was creeping. Iz has couple-of-years-of-gymnastics legs, but Sophie's kind of a couch potato :) It's funny, we've done 15 mile hikes before and we frequently walk more than 5 miles. Different muscles I guess.

No crashing today, and Sophie did a lot better job passing. She was still a little reticent about riding near the edge of the pavement though.

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