Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekly Beatdown

I rode to work Tuesday and Wednesday, and Wednesday afternoon I did the Reality group ride. "Smarter, not harder" was my motto and I and hung with the group until the final sprint, went for a break and just didn't have it. Hey, that's how it goes. I felt a lot better this week. Last week I had a hard time breathing, this week it was totally under control. I was even good for a couple of good pulls and bridges. I think I've just about cleared out the winter cobwebs. Still though, that little voice that screams when you bury yourself is louder than I remember it being last year. I've got a little more work to do on that.

On my commutes I usually bring my laptop, a shirt, Chamios Butt'r and odds and ends like tools, keys and my wallet. I have crocs and pants at the office. But yesterday I also brought real shoes and socks and brought my pants back home at the end of the day. I could feel the extra weight, but it didn't feel like I was riding any slower. At the shop, I picked up a pair of tires for my daughter's 20 inch and that put it right over the limit. I felt like a pack mule, struggling over the hills on the way back into my neighborhood. Should be good TNGA training though.

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