Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alpharetta Greenway

I got a little recovery ride in today. The best kind. Five miles on the Greenway with the girls. Or one of them at least, Iz was sick today, so she couldn't come. I missed her, but I don't get much one-on-one time with either of them, and when Isabel isn't around, Sophie talks and talks and talks.

 The Gerch

We just barely got across the parking lot when Sophie decided it was too cold. It was actually the same temperature as yesterday, but today it was overcast and breezy. My winter kit was in the trunk, but it was a little big on her.

 Rockin Club Colors

Woohoo, Greenway! We had it almost all to ourselves and Sophie hit me with a steady barrage of unusual questions. Questions like "When we get older, do you think they'll discover a new color?" Iz loves to talk and when she's not around, Sophie takes full advantage of the opportunity. It makes me wonder how many strange questions she doesn't ask.


Big Creek.

 Big Creek

Some trails have problems with erosion. This one has more of a deposition problem.


Sophie didn't like how dirty her tires were getting, and also kept calling them pedals instead of tires.

"My beautiful pedals! Look at my beautiful pedals!"

"You mean tires?"

"Look at my beautiful tires!"

I kept telling her not to swerve too hard in the dirt, but she did it anyway and washed out once. She didn't crash though, just bailed. I guess she learned a bit from last weekend. She did a lot better climbing today too, rode a lot faster and generally seemed more confident. It's funny how few hours it takes to go from just-learning to doing-well, but it's also funny how many weeks it takes to get in those hours when our neighborhood is too hilly for her to ride in.

She did have to push a few hills, especially the steep ones at the bridges.


We topped it off with dinner at Chipotle. Sophie likes burritos with rice and cheese and nothing else. Kind of weird, but hey, whatever makes her happy. Watching her eat is entertaining too. When she gets near the end, she doesn't know what to do and just makes it falls all apart.

A little chilly, but otherwise a great day. There are still a couple of miles we haven't ridden out there. I'm looking forward to the day that we can marathon the whole thing.

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  1. Hated we didn't make Heritage. We were all fried from road racing the previous weekend. It was local so we have to do it.) Me, Steve, Josh, and several others are going to Thomaston this weekend to do the XC race. Steve and I are going SS. Come over and join us if you can. - Vonnie