Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly Beatdown

The Wednesday group rides haven't started up yet, so for now I have to beat myself down.

I went for a semi-exploratory ride today and ended up finding a bunch of long climbs that I didn't know about before and ended up having to climb a bunch that I did know about but didn't realize I'd have to climb them until I was already committed. It's coming back though. I've got a little power again. I can breathe. I can burn again. And I can shed the burn in three or four breaths again. It's awesome.

I spun a loop through Windermere Park and on the way out, I swear I passed a girl that I dated after high school who also moved to the ATL. It couldn't possibly be her though, or at least that's what I told myself. Why would she be there? I couldn't imagine that it was her and she didn't appear to recognize me, though I was wearing odd clothes and a helmet and glasses, so maybe she wouldn't. I kind of kicked myself later for not spinning back and at least finding out.

My explorations took me over by Settles Bridge and I got to see it from the other side this time.

 Settles Bridge From the West

I found some dirt over that way too, a half mile or more off of James Burgess road. I had so much fun down in Paulding County with my brother, I wondered if I could put a loop like that together around here, so last night I googled "dirt roads of forsyth county" and lo, the internet provided me with a list. Apparently the county has to publish the list of roads they're going to treat with Calcium Chloride. Ta-da. I then looked them all up on Google Maps and a few made little loops off of main roads. That's what led me over by Burgess. Burgess itself turned out to be quite a climb too though.

I flatted on some sharp gravel where they were doing some road construction on Old Atlanta. This time I made sure that everything was seated right before I aired it up.

My legs were tired at dinner, but it was a good tired. The best kind of tired. It's all coming back.

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