Sunday, April 8, 2012

Buford Hatchery and Sawnee Mountain

Oh, man. I woke up today, really feeling that Pulaski work yesterday. It didn't seem too strenuous yesterday, but apparently it was, so we went fishing.

 Iz Fish

 Sophie Fish

The girls caught every fish in the pond. Nineteen by their count. All panfish, but they seemed generally bigger than what we were catching last year.

Ever since Kathryn hooked that big one, I've been chasing the catfish dragon with little to show for it. Three good bumps were all I got today. Maybe I need sharper hooks.

The kids caught so many fish that they became bored, of catching them. That's a new one.

We left the pond and took a little walk up Sawnee Mountain.

 The Girls at the Indian Seats

On the way back down we discovered that they'd re-routed the main trail and combined it with one of the other trails. And me without my GPS. Dangit.

I like the re-route though. You pass all of the old mines.

I got a bug in my eye and had to go by the bathroom at the visitors center to dig it out. That part sucked but the rest of the day was great.

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