Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Big Creek

I managed to get a few good hours of sleep last night and this morning managed to get in an hour or two on the bike with my Dad.

We had to hit something local and Big Creek fit the bill.

I hadn't ridden there in a while. The map had changed.

 Big Creek Map

There's now a true beginner trail and what appeared to be a new trail near the back. Pine Hill or something.

Of course Big Creek gets ten thousand rides each week so it was actually difficult to tell whether the trails were really new or not. They seemed new to me.

I've been so sleep deprived lately that the days have just been running together. Apparently my Dad's been in the same boat because both of us thought it was Monday and rode the wrong direction for a mile or more until we ran into someone. I doubt she believed that we both mistook the day though. I promise, we did.

 Dad's Bike

The ride was short but satisfying and this time I remembered my GPS. Yay, new GPS data. Always good to have.

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