Monday, May 7, 2012

Windermere Park and The Alpharetta Greenway

A few months back we watched an episode of Mythbusters where they tested the myth that people can't walk a straight line if their vision is sufficiently obscured. The kids have been dying to try it themselves and I must admit that I have too.

Today we did.

Just like on Mythbusters, we found a big field, blindfolded ourselves and wore headphones with some Nirvana playing to keep us from being able to hear the people in the dog park or on the soccer fields.

 Blindfolding Sophie

Each of us went 3 times.

 Blindfolded Straight Line Challenge

It was hilarious. None of us could walk a remotely straight line. Most of the time we just pulled hard to one side or the other, but one time Sophie turned in circle after circle until she finally just gave up. We did notice that the shorter our strides were, the tighter our circles. Eventually Kathryn and Iz and I all tried jogging rather than just walking. It is extremely difficult to jog blindfolded. Your brain just wants you to stop. "You're going to run into something or fall into a hole!" "What if you don't hear when the person following you tells you to stop!?" Neither Kathryn nor Iz could motivate themselves to jog faster than I could march and eventually pulled to the left a bit. I was able to jog for real though and managed to keep a straight line all the way to my destination, some 200 yards away. I suspect though, if the field had been bigger, I'd have eventually gone off course.

It's still early in the warm season and the sun was intense.

 The Heat

We weren't done for the day but we definitely wanted to get out of the heat.


 Greenway Riding


We rode from the north end to Roswell and back. We didn't want to crush Kathryn. As it is, she'll still probably be a little sore tomorrow.

 Greenway Stop

We topped it off with a drive downtown and some Doc Cheys for dinner.

Good, good, good times.

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