Saturday, April 25, 2009

North Bowman's Island (Again)

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The kids and I traipsed all over the northern end of the Bowman's Island trails last week. This week we hit the southern trails.

I've been commuting to work (by bike - 12 miles each way) for the past couple of days. Not too hard a ride, and last year I did that for months, but I'm just starting up this year and today I was a little weary. In fact I think the girls were a little stronger than me today.

We found a cool rock.

 2 - Iz and Sophie on Rock

The kids were outpacing me though :)

 4 - Kids on the Southern Trail

The trail T's into a gravel "road".

 5 - Southern Trail Gravel Road

Heading toward the river, you go under the worlds tallest gate. Seriously, you could drive a small car right under it. For the kids it was a jungle gym.

 6 - Iz and Sophie Hanging on Tall Gate

The road became a trail, leading right along the river, and eventually to a small creek.

 7 - Creek Feeding the Chattahoochee

We crossed the creek and milled around on the other side for a while. One of my favorite things about getting outside after work is I'm usually at some scenic spot right at the magic hour.

 8 - Bowmans Island Shoals from the North

Some folks set up a whole patio set along the trail just south of the shoals. It looked like there was an equestrian ford there too. One day I'll have to wade over and check out Bowman's Island itself.

 11 - Bowmans Island Shoals

We had to push it to get back before dark. On the way back we saw at least a dozen white tailed deer. It was too dark to get a shot of them though.

This guy was hanging around the top of my driveway though. He held still long enough for me to figure out my camera, kind-of.

 12 - Copperhead

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