Saturday, April 11, 2009

Snake Creek Gap

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My dad's been ripping up Rowlett Creek for the past few years, but when he lived in Atlanta, we rode just about everything; quick spins at Blankets, night rides, cross-country races, 12 and 24 hour races, epic 8 hour mountain deathmarches, you name it. This weekend he's in town. We missed riding yesterday, but the weather was good today, and there were a few trails that we never got around to.

Snake Creek Gap.

1 - Parking at Snake Creek Gap

We met there and shuttled to Dug Gap. Like 2 minutes into the ride, he had to stop and adjust the limit on his rear derailleur. Riding in Dallas, he's literally never used the granny gear since he bought this cassette :)

5 - The Padre Adjusting His Rear Derailleur

Dalton's down there somewhere.

4 - View of Dalton From FS202

After the first strangling climb, we got into the rocks. My dad's got skills and he figured them out quickly. Of course, he sketched when I tried to take a picture.

8 - The Padre Climbing on the Pinhoti on Dug Mountain


7 - Pinhoti on Dug Mountain 2

I've only made the climb up to the northern end of Barn Mountain once. Not today.

13 - Tough Climb on Barn Mountain

The Padre grinding out that climb.

14 - The Padre Climbing the Tough Climb on Barn Mountain


15 - Chunky Trail on Hurricane Mountain


16 - Smooth Singletrack on Middle Mountain

Smoother still.

17 - FS207A

On the forest road, I saw what I thought was fresh horse sign and later smelled a strong animal scent, but never ran into anything. Weird.

With the recent rains, Swamp Creek was higher than usual. There was a good trickle going near the first crossing.

18 - Trickle Feeding Swamp Creek

Ha ha, I didn't get my feet wet.

19 - Sketch on Swamp Creek Crossing 1

Grinding up Mill Mountain.

20 - Climbing Mill Mountain

On the Mill Mountain ridge, there were 2 tough climbs, a bunch of rollers and the long descent to Snake Creek Gap. Except for 2 climbs, we were really moving. No time for pictures. Woohoo!

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