Friday, April 17, 2009

North Bowman's Island

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I recently discovered that just about the entire Chattahoochee River corridor from Buford Dam to Atlanta is a series of parks, full of trails. The kids and I checked out the North Bowman's Island area after work today. They complained at first but before long they were having a blast.

No bikes :( Maybe not, but the trails have plenty of tire tracks on them.

 2 - North Bowmans Island Sign

The first bit of the trail goes through an area devastated by kudzu, turned briar patch. We'll be back for blackberries later in the year.

 3 - Kids on the Northern Trail 1

Fall-line trails on sandy soil. Lots of hoof prints, foot prints and tire tracks too. But apparently the traffic is light enough, the trails are in good shape.

 4 - Northern Trail 1

Some bench-cut.

 5 - Northern Trail 2

We found a cool overhanging rock.

 6 - Kids at the Rock Overhang 1

With some "artifacts" nearby.

 8 - Artifacts Near the Rock Overhang

We ran into some deer too. There's one way back in the center of this photo, but it's hard to see.

 10 - Deer

On the southern end of the southern loop of the Northern Trail, almost every tree is one of these. Cool flowers, what are they?

 11 - Flowers

Heading back.

 12 - Kids on Northern Trail 4

We found the scattered bones of some small animal. Sharp teeth. A cat? An opossum?

 13 - Jawbones

A shoulder blade.

 14 - Shoulder Blades

When we got back to the truck the sun was about to go down. The magic hour. We walked down a trail and scaled a near vertical rooty staircase to the river.

 17 - Chattahoochee Magic Hour 2

 18 - Kids at Chattahoochee Magic Hour

Sophie had a hard time getting down but an easy time climbing back up.

 19 - Sophie About to Climb

Woohoo! A good day. Time to go.

 20 - Kids on North Bowmans Island Fishing Trail

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