Monday, May 30, 2016

Alpharetta Greenway

A while back Iz mentioned that we really ought to ride bikes together one of these weekends rather than hike, and the weekend of the 22nd seemed like the right weekend to do that, so we packed up the cars and headed up to Alpharetta.

Yes, cars. For the first time in 18 years my primary vehicle has no bike rack, nor means of attaching one. I did a bunch of research though. It is possible to put a rack on it. In fact, the rack and clamps that I already have should work, but it appears that I need some longitudinal rails from a company that doesn't exist any more. The rails are still available though, on Amazon or eBay, or other such sources. I may have a working rack soon, but in the mean time, it takes both cars to transport 4 bikes and 4 people.

We had a reasonably good ride, though rather slow for Kathryn's taste. Sophie's still cranking around on the old 30 pound, 24-inch mountian bike we got her in like 2009 I think. She's still small, and it still fits her. Everyone else has a real bike though, and she can't keep up. It might be getting close to real-bike time for her too.

We rode to the north end and took a little break under the same tree we took a break under the last time we were up there.

Greenway Break

Kathryn looks like she's striking a pose on purpose, but that's just her natural showmanship.

The ride back was a little faster, as it's a net descent.

I'm accustomed to leaning on the bars and spinning all day, but Kathryn and Iz were really tired of it by the time we got back. Yeah, it might be real-bike time for Sophie.

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