Friday, May 20, 2016

Chicopee Woods

The frere and I rode at Chicopee this past Saturday. Unfortunately I have no photos, as I forgot to bring my phone, entirely.

Also, there's not all that much to tell...

We did ride the Coyote loop first, because it's so easy to skip if you ride everything else first. Smart thinking, eh?

I think we both felt pretty weak all day though. We've both been working too hard, sleeping too little, and in his case, traveling too much. We were strong enough to have a good time though. No real suffering, just work. No crashing. No mechanicals. But, I didn't feel like I ripped singletrack all day. It was more like I managed singletrack all day, and that's not quite the same.

I saw the first real wildlife this year though - some kind of water snake swimming away from me during the last creek crossing. I think it was a midland brown, but it was kind of hard to tell.

On that last little last bit of the Tortoise Loop on the way out, John rode over this huge rock that I've never even considered riding over. He and I have ridden there for 16 years and I've never seen him do it either. He alleged that he's done it almost every time though, and he looked really casual and confident when he did it, so it seemed like he was telling the truth. I must have either always been ahead of him, or only been behind him on the few times he didn't ride it.

So weird.

Man, I wish I could remember more about the ride. I guess photos usually jog my memory. Or, maybe if I hadn't waited so long to write about it...

Ehh, sometimes it's like that. We're planning on riding Blankets/Rope Mill this Saturday. Maybe there'll be a good story to tell for that ride.

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