Saturday, May 29, 2010

Buford Fish Hatchery and Alpharetta Greenway

It's memorial day weekend. 3 days to play with. Now that the TNGA's in the bag, I'm gonna get some family time in.

We fished. The girls know how, apparently.

 Sophie's Fish

 Isabel's Fish

I caught nothing, again. Again!

To be fair, they just caught more of those grown-up shiners. I was going for bluegill, but still, they are generally pretty easy to catch. Only one birdsnest today though. I'm making progress there at least.

We picked up my wife and grabbed some phenomenal lunch at the Diner at North Point. If you go there, get the blackened chicken sandwich. Unbelievable.

Then we headed for the Greenway. There was this snake coiled up on the side of the road.

 Snake 1

I couldn't immediately tell what it was. I'm still not sure. Very round head, didn't kink up (probably not a rat snake), white chin, pretty long for it's diameter, took off when I walked over by him (maybe a black racer), but it had a faint pattern on it's back that I didn't recognize. Juvenile racers have a bit of a pattern, but this one was big. Hmmm.

 Snake 2

 Snake 3

It took off under my truck and up into my drivers's side front wheel. I ran around to chase it out, but it was gone. I looked in my engine compartment but it wasn't there. It would be hilarious if it was up in my fender or something, or somehow got into the cab tomorrow :)

At least it's not poisonous.

Then we rode and rode and rode.

 Sophie on the Greenway

 Kathryn and Iz on Greenway

I'd seen a trail over across Beaver Creek Road on a map, so we rode up to Mansell, crossed over, rode down and then took a right. At the end of the trail, there was a "Pedestrians Only" sign, facing the other way. Oh man. They need a sign at the intersection with the trail coming down from Mansell. We took the road back to Mansell then rode to Kimball Bridge and back.

There were a billion unripe blackberries on the side of the trail, but we happened upon 3 good ones, and ate them, of course.

About halfway back it started sprinkling, but never got too bad. Sophie put the hammer down to beat the rain. When she's motivated, she can move. I'm going to have to remind her of that next time she's rolling slow.

It was a pretty good day. I think tomorrow we're going to head up to Red Top and try out the orienteering course.

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