Sunday, May 16, 2010

Buford Fish Hatchery

The girls and I tried to catch some fish at the Buford Fish Hatchery pond again today. They close at 4:30 so we weren't super optimistic, but hey, we figured we'd give it a shot anyway.

No fish at first, but there was some cool wildlife hanging around...

An Eastern King Snake.

 Eastern King Snake

Two geese and their young.

 Geese and Goslings

I think this might be a corn snake, maybe?

 Corn Snake I Think

There were wild strawberries everywhere.

 Wild Strawberries

It rained on us twice, briefly. Once we retreated to a little shelter for about 10 minutes until it let up. The fish were jumping and jumping, but I guess active fish have plenty of energy and aren't hungry. It didn't look like anyone was catching anything. Eventually Iz caught one.

 Isabels First Fish of the Day

A shiner. Grown up bait that somebody had let go last year I guess. She caught another one 20 minutes later. Nothing for me and Sophie.

Around 3:15 we packed it in and went for a walk on the trails there.

 Lincolns Sparrow Trial Sign

The boy scouts had boy-scouted all over the place out there...

A bird observatory:

 Bird Observatory Tower

An outdoor classroom:

 Outdoor Classroom

Two shelters:

 Shelter 1

 Shelter 2

Yay, family fun.

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