Saturday, July 31, 2010

Central Park and Buford Dam Park

My girls are too old not to know how to play softball, football and soccer. Well, they know how from watching TV but they don't KNOW how. Until today. This morning, me and Kathryn grabbed a bunch of used gear at Boomerang Sports. Sporting goods are perfect for recycling. Kids outgrow gear way before it's worn out.

At Central Park it was 99 degrees. We played softball for two hours before dying of heat exhaustion. Hiking and biking in 99 degree weather is easy. You're moving. Standing around, throwing a ball, not as easy. Iz took to everything naturally. Sophie, not as naturally. She's kind of a lefty, but not with everything. We may have to let her try both ways next time.

After dying of heatstroke, as mentioned earlier, we went swimming at the lake. Or more precisely, wading. We didn't actually swim much.

 Buford Dam Park Beach

Fish nibbled on us. The water was really warm. If you walked far enough out it got cool down by your feet. Next time we'll go swimming in a river.

The girls built sandcastles.

 Building Sandcastles

Kathryn supervised.


Iz wasn't going for anything as pedestrian as a castle, I mean come on. She built mountains with a river flowing between them.

 Iz's Sand Mountains

Eventually some clouds rolled in, the temperature dropped and it even rained for a while. We'd had enough.

We went downtown for some dinner at Antico's Pizza. We ended up getting a 4 cheese calzone which was OK but the cheese was a little weird. I think it'll be better if I go on a weekday with less pressure to get in and out.

Sophie got tired on the way home and resorted to some extreme measures.

 Sophie Trying to Sleep

Rest and rest little girl.

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