Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Weekly Beatdown

I'd be winning, if it weren't for all this losing I keep doing.

Who wants to lead the roll-out? Apparently that's a trick question. Nobody. Nobody wants to lead the roll-out. Yeah, put me up front and nobody wants to follow my wheel either. "Slow down some more, we're still dropping back."

Apparently we're rolling straight through town now too. Good idea. Wish I'd known though before I created another car full of anti-cyclists by being the only jackass blocking traffic in the left lane. In a group full of center-line crossers, as out of my way as I go to be courteous, somehow, today, I'm that guy. Nice.

And I've got a cold. And I just committed to ORAMM today, before I realized I've got a cold. Can't wait to see how that turns out.

What else? Oh yeah, guys I've been riding with for 5 years act like I haven't been riding with them for 5 years. Yeah man, I know what you're up to, but I am coming over. Feel free to do the same. All you'll get from me is "hold up, I'm on your left." In lower case.

Got in a good 3 man break. Then a 4th man caught us and busted it up.

Near the end, I got dropped and bridged back 5 times at least.

Riding through the parking lot, an elderly gentleman drove directly from an aisle of parking spaces, out across the lane I was in, into a bank parking lot. It took a hard turn to avoid getting hit. If there'd been another rider behind me or beside me, I'd have been hit. The guy clearly had no idea he did anything wrong either, judging by the look he gave me. I hope he realized what he did later.

So today I sucked. The ride sucked. The heat sucked. Everything sucked. Mostly I sucked.

I wrecked the one potential upside too. A truant Michele Z was present today, finally able to getting back on the bike. Would have been cool to hang out and chat, Reality was even serving us food. But it would be 30 minutes before the festivities began and I was feeling too hungry for that. I killed myself to get home, only to find my family had already eaten, which they always do on Wednesday, and which I should have remembered.


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