Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today's commute was slightly interesting. I skipped the beatdown yesterday and took a nap instead. A nap is the diametric opposite of riding. Ahhh. Today I jumped out on the road only to realize that I'd left my water bottle on the counter at home. I was relegated to the Racetrack dork bottle.

 Dork Bottle

Now I look ridiculous to both non-cyclists AND cyclists. Well, if I had to stop for the dork bottle, then I figured I HAD to stop for a doughnut, just to even things out.

 Boston Creme


The dork bottle had a loose fit and rattled around all the way in. I'm going to have to wrap something around it for the ride home, which will be even dorkier. I think, also I need to get my front wheel either tightened up, or maybe even relaced. That freakin' think is creaking me to death. I fear my road bike is finally going the way of my mountain bike - rolling junk show.

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