Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly Beatdown

ORAMM beat me half to death. I've got scrapes and bruises all over. I don't think my ribs are fractured though, just bruised, and not even that badly. But I'm sore. So sore. I felt slow and fat on my commute. It was super hot. I sat in with the B group for a while. Four or five guys were riding really aggressively and wouldn't really let anyone else get up front. Fine by me. All but one of them cracked and I ended up having a pretty easy time rolling to the front on most of the tougher climbs. Apparently I can feel terrible, but still be pretty fast. I ran into this phenomenon post-TNGA too. Weird. I'd like to feel good and be fast though. That would be better. Maybe when I heal.

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