Saturday, August 14, 2010

Biello Park, Blankets Creek and West Bank Park

I don't know what this illness I'm fighting is, but it makes it possible to sleep 12 hours, wake up and still feel like your body needs rest. The way I felt this morning, I'm not sure I'll be able to ride the Fools Gold in a week. But a lot can happen in a week, so we'll see.

I wasn't feeling good, but I wasn't going to waste a day of the weekend, so Me and the girls got out, but we took it pretty easy.

We headed to Woodstock, found a park, Biello Park I think, and threw the balls around for a couple of hours.


I hate to say it, but it's conclusive. Sophie is uncoordinated, across the board. "Take a step forward as you throw." And she does, but it doesn't occur to her to use the momentum of the step to help her throw, or for that matter, to even take the step in a manner that could give her any momentum. Poor little girl. She learned to ride a bike, and she's got good instincts for that now, so I'm sure it's possible for her to improve. I just have to make sure it doesn't turn into that scene in the movie where the ex high school quarterback dad, who totally would have won that playoff game back in '92 if it hadn't been for that one bad call, is forcing his kid to play, while ignoring his kid's passion and natural talent for painting or something.

Post ball game, we headed over to Blanket's Creek to rip up the Mosquito Flats.

 Mosquito Flats 1

 Mosquito Flats 2

I had the helmet cam on, but this time I had it angled up a little too high, and somehow twisted to the right.

The girls love the dirt. Sophie needs a more capable bike though. Her 16 inch is barely cutting it. Iz could use some gears. No crashes today. No getting twisted up in the bike. Just rollin', rollin', rollin'. We probably rode about 8 miles.

Back at the house, I took a shower, picked up Kathryn, and we all headed over to the lake to try and catch some fish. It was overcast, windy, wavy, and zero fish were biting. I say zero. Iz caught two little bream. The rest of us didn't even get a nibble. No fish, but it was cool and breezy and a beautiful evening anyway.

We win.

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