Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weekly Beatdown

I missed the B group rollout today, took it as a sign and jumped on with the A group. I almost missed them too. I ran off into the woods on top of Sawnee to pee and, of course, that's when they decided to roll by. If I hadn't carried my bike on my shoulder into the woods with me, I'd have missed them. What luck. Apparently I'm now strong enough to sit on with those guys. And by sit on, I mean SIT ON, like donkey kong. I took zero pulls but I did bridge several times. Playing it safe today. It was a cool ride though, they added an extra loop onto the route and skipped a hill that I hate. Woohoo!

I got to hang out a bit with some mountain biking friends too including Rob and Michele Z. I also met David Sagat who works at the shop. Very cool guy. He told me his name, but I didn't put it together at first. Later I saw it written on his water bottle and it all came back. He was a Junior Expert ripping legs off the field back when GSC was GAP, before the NORBA affilliation, back when NORBA even existed on it's own. I was a mid pack sport rider back then. I can't imagine how he remembered my name. Maybe Bruce Dickman had something to do with it. "Here comes David Muuuuuuuuuuse!" Those were the days.

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