Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekly Beatdown

This weeks beatdown came courtesy of all kinds of things not specifically related to cycling. I think I'm kind of getting over whatever cold/flu/allergy I've got. I still have congestion in my chest, but it's getting better, even without the meds. My neck is another story. It's getting better, but very slowly, and the meds make me so sleepy, but they make such a difference, I'm staying on them. So, to start with, I'm drugged. I also went to the dentist yesterday for a check-up on an implant I got last year. It's looking good, time for a permanent crown. But the temporary didn't go back on just right and I had unnerving dental pain all night. Dental pain equals zero sleep. This morning they fixed it, and it was the best feeling ever. The ride to work was slow and lame. Cobwebs in my lungs. I felt better on the way to the shop, but I was in no shape to ride hard. I punked out all the way down to the B2 group. It turns out B2 can be really tough if you're drugged, sleepy, counter every attack, bridge to every break and take long pulls. I still felt like a sandbagger. I weighed myself when I got home. 153 pounds. That's the lightest I've been yet this year. I'll probably bump back up to 156 or so by this weekend, fully fed and hydrated, but it means there's hope for me in the race. If you can't be strong, the next best thing is light.

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