Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly Beatdown

Dr. Kennedy says I don't have a cold, just wicked bad allergies. He gave me some sweet meds for that, and more for some pain I've been feeling in my neck and back since ORAMM. But, most importantly to me, since it's not a cold or flu or something, I can exercise without making it worse. In fact, after riding for 30 minutes or so, the cobwebs seem to clear out and I feel pretty good. The commute was good. The group ride was hell. "Cat'in up is harrr aaarrrr aarrd to do." I got dropped on the first hill. Later, everybody was talking about how fast it was though, so at least it wasn't just me.

The allergies make me drowsy, and the meds do too. It's possible they were a factor. I'm curious to see how this Fool's Gold's gonna go down, and the 6-hour next weekend.

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