Friday, June 10, 2011

East Bank Park

All day I thought about going fishing. All day. It's light out until about 9PM these days and it starts cooling off quickly around 7:30. I expected a relaxing evening.

When I got to the lake, there were entire squadrons of geese taxiing by in front of me.

 Goose Squadron

The little ones are almost grown now, they're about the size of ducks.

Like I said, I expected a relaxing evening, but as Shakespeare wrote, and I recently read somewhere, either Facebook or maybe on TV: "Expectation is the root of all heartache."

On my first cast, I created a birds nest that I couldn't detangle. What the heck? I haven't backlashed in months. I literally had to cut off every inch of line and restring it. So much fun.

After that though, things went pretty well and that relaxing evening started coming together.

 The Peace of Fishing

Whenever I'd bring my line in, gazillions of little bream (or whatever they are) would tear after it. It seems like this time last year, they were crazy like that too. I wonder if this is when they breed.

I tried for a couple of them and caught a few like this.

 Ok Sized

And then one like this.

 Smallest Ever

I think that's the smallest fish I've ever caught, at least with a hook, in my life.

Somebody tell me exactly what these fish are. They don't look exactly like any photos I've seen. Everybody calls them bluegill, but they call completely different looking fish bluegill too.

I hung around until about 9. A thunderstorm rumbled around to the southeast for about an hour. Some guys were having trouble with their boats and kept drifting into the no-boating zone by the dam. I was getting hungry. Time to go.

Well, I didn't catch much, but it's not really about that sometimes. It was a nice way to end the day.

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