Monday, June 6, 2011

Mary Alice Park

Holy Toledo I was tired this morning. I've got this massive cardio-energy-delivery-system built up from a decade of cycling but a limp dangly little upper body (also from a decade of cycling) that I can apparently overdrive very easily. All that trail work yesterday did a fine job of that. Russell and Norma were riding up at Bull and I had every intention of joining them, but every muscle above my waist was sore and I could barely even roll out of bed.

It was painful even sitting in church. Post lunch, I felt slightly better. Around 1:30 the kids and I got motivated enough to go swimming, or more precisely wading in the lake.

This time we hit Mary Alice Park, the largest beach on Lake Lanier.


There were a thousand people there, but for some reason, no bathroom in sight.

The kids ran out on to the beach, just to run back 10 seconds later and grab their Crocs. The beach is sandy, but out in the water, it's all mud and gravel.

 Kids on the Beach

I did no running.

In fact, I basically waded out to my neck and tried to float, somewhat. Man, that felt good. With so many people there, the kids found some friends to play with and they had all kinds of kid fun. I still worked up the strength to throw Sophie a few times, and also throw one of the friends she made. We had a great and somewhat relaxing time.

When I finally climbed back out of the water, 2 hours later, I felt like I weighed 200 pounds. That's the sign of a good float.

I've got sand all over my truck now, but I don't care, it was totally worth it. This evening, I can already feel the soreness dying down. Hopefully I'll be well enough to grab a few miles on the road during the week. If I dare to dream, maybe I can even hang on to the B1 group this Wednesday.

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