Saturday, October 29, 2011

Buford Hatchery and Windermere Park

Last Sunday, I got home after the race in Albany around 2PM or so. The next morning I was leaving for North Carolina to go on a backpacking trip that my buddy Kirk had been trying to put together for a year. I'd been gone for a week already and in the half day between trips, I really wanted to spend a little time with my family.

We ended up going fishing first, or at least the girls and I did.

The weather was cool and nothing was biting when we got to the pond, but around 3:30, things improved a bit and Iz and I both caught a few.

 Iz's Catch  My Catch

Poor Sophie didn't catch a thing.

While sitting there, waiting for a bite, I noticed that daddy long legs like hot dogs but they don't like to share.

 Daddy Long Legs

I had no idea.

The pond closes at 4:30 so we took off around then and went to Windermere Park to play ball for a while. Sophie is sort of ambidextrous. She writes with her left hand but she does several other things with her right. She bats well left handed but she throws much better with her right. We got her a right hander's glove a few weeks back and she's does way better catching with it and throwing with her right hand than the other way around. She still naturally wants to step forward with whatever hand she's throwing with though. Whenever anyone says that someone throws "like a girl" that's usually what they mean. I've seen boys do it too though, so I'm not sure how that saying came about. Maybe classically, boys who did it were taught to do it right and girls were just allowed to keep doing it wrong because it was cute or something. I wonder.

We had fun with that until we were too hungry for it to be fun anymore, then we grabbed some dinner. I wish I could remember where but it was over a week ago now and I have no memory of that meal. It must not have been that good.


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