Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jake Mountain

Today's work party kind of fell apart. I couldn't make it, Debbie couldn't make it. Eddie and Pat tried hard to scrounge up some troops but it just didn't work out.

Iz had her first gym meet of the season today at 8AM. That's why I couldn't make it. But, my folks are in town, they took the kids after the meet and Kathryn was selling some of her wares at a local craft show all afternoon. So I was free to do whatever and I wasn't about to let the work day go completely to waste.

But first things first.

Sleep. I was sleepy after the meet so I took a short nap.

Food. I tried to hit the Dutch Monkey but they were closed. I knew they closed at 1 on Sunday but they appear to also close at 1 on Saturday. Dang. The donut failure left me with a mighty hankering for junk food so I ran by the gas station.




Kathryn had my car so I was in her Fit. In case you were wondering, you can drive a Honda Fit on FS28-1 all the way to the Y at FS77. Also, in case you were wondering, the little road that cuts across the Y is called "High Rock Trail" according to her GPS.

Using the "longitudinal deberming" technique me and Sophie figured out last month, I knocked out 3 of the sections we'd flagged way back. I got a lot done but I'd have gotten a lot more done if I'd had one of them to help me.

After working a section, I laid sticks across the disturbed soil to discourage riders from venturing into it. I thought about just placing a bunch of debris there but I didn't want it to act as a silt trap so I just put a few sticks, in the direction that the water should flow, should it ever rain here again.


It wont be long before it's all covered with leaves but I figured I should do something before then.

While I was working I ran into a guy on a bike with a "Life Behind Bars" jersey. I have that same jersey! He was doing the Chain Buster 6 hour series too. We talked about that for a while. He'd also gotten 10th in his class at Jackrabbit. He rides at Bull/Jake lot and was hoping somebody would build bridges across Jones Creek and Moss Creek so you could ride all winter without losing a few toes. I'd looked into building a bridge somewhere else recently. A licensed, insured engineer, certified in the district must either build the bridge or approve the plans. It's a lot of work. We've got a lot more to do first. That's the only person I saw all day.

I knocked off at 7 after working a little over three hours.

We're going to try to schedule a make up work party later this month. If you're reading this and you ride Bull/Jake, be there!

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