Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oliver Branch

Me and Tim's Winding Stair excursion the other day gave me a hankering to do some exploring. There's an area up in the former Blue Ridge WMA that I've wanted to go wandering around in for years. It even looked like there were a couple of trails there and I had an idea where they might go, or at least one of them. Today I drove up to check it out.

Unfortunately I forgot to change the batteries in my GPS before I left and it died about 20 minutes into my hike.

Come on!

I had a map and a compass and I know how to navigate, but I didn't even have a pen so I couldn't plot the trails on my map or crunch the data later, which is about 20% of the fun for me. Blah.

I wandered around for a while but I didn't find anything that went where I thought it would.

For my trouble though, I was rewarded with some interesting sights.

This barrel was apparently discarded long ago and then the tree grew in around it.

 Embedded Barrel

I also found a small falls on Rock Creek.

 Rock Creek Falls

The forest to the north of Oliver Creek appears to either have never been logged, or logged infinitely long ago. It was wide open with big trees. All the trails in the area appear to have been part of a logging network though. Maybe they spared that little section.

The area was interesting and I'm going back next chance I get. Hopefully next time I'll remember to get some new batteries.

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