Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blankets Creek

Yeah! I've worked my way all the way through the Adventure backlog. This one happened earlier today.

I've been sick for the past two weeks, but this morning I felt about 60% better. As the day wore on, I felt even better than that, and even good enough to expose myself to the outdoors.

It seemed fitting to ride bikes, as today was the start of the TNGA.

As much as I'd like to have been among them, I had a much easier day, and that was probably good.

Isabel was at her boyfriend's all day, so Sophie and I hit up Blanket's Creek by ourselves.

She's getting pretty fast these days. Fast enough to really be fun to ride with.


Most of the time, at least. She does avoid using her gears, but on the Mosquito Flats, she doesn't really need them all that much.

We often see deer out there, but today they were everywhere. There were three bedded down in some fallen timber near the east entrance/exit of Van Michael's.


There was a buck poking around not too far past those, too. On the other side, there was another buck walking around, and then back near Van Michaels again later, we saw two more, one of which seemed to be in the midst of a sneezing fit.

I think we rode 5 laps, plus an out and back on Hamilton's, which Sophie described as "just back and forth on flat gravel, how much more boring could it be?" She's definitely getting to be a teenager. I had a great time though, and she seemed to as well, despite being bored to death at the end there.

She and her sister and I've been to Blankets and Allatoona both, a few times now. This was the first time where Sophie seemed confident enough that she just had a good time, though. She didn't seem to worry about whether she was able to ride the trail, she just rode it. I actually remember that happening to myself.

Hopefully there's more of that ahead.

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