Monday, December 21, 2020

Forney Gravel

My brother John flew into Dallas to have thanksgiving with us, and brought his bike with him. Sadly, the night before, it had rained. When it rains in Dallas, there are precious few trails open, and most of them are hours away. It didn't rain much though, so we hazarded that the local gravel would still be rideable. I'd discovered a network of gravel roads south of Forney earlier in the year, so we hit some of those, mid-afternoon.

I had a kind-of shitty day on the bike, actually. I'm not sure why, exactly. I'd been riding most days, in Atlanta, for months. I had taken some of the previous week off, and of course, there was the drive to Texas, but I'd been there a few days. I really can't explain it. I just struggled. Still, it was pretty fun, but I didn't get any photos, as I was too busy chasing him down.

We basically rode south to I-20, crossed over, picked up some gravel roads there, hung a left on some pavement, which becomes gravel, or really just dirt. Not even gravel. The far end of that road has a super sketchy creek crossing that gets really torn up, and people get stuck on, but it had been totally regraded when we got to it. We took more pavement south to Crandall, then more dirt back north, before eventually backtracking. I somehow set a PR on one of the road sections on the way back - one where I was leading too, not just sitting on. So, I guess whether I felt good or not, I must have been riding ok.

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