Monday, December 21, 2020

Mulberry Gap

Ginni's retiring this year, but because of the current COVID situation, they can't really throw a big retirement part for her. I imagine that probably suits her reasonably well though. It's nice to be lavished in attention, but it's tough to spend any amount of time with anyone in particular. Bascially, instead, we were encouraged to drop by for part of the day, ideally around or after lunch, hang out a bit, give hugs, and then give others their chance to do the same.

I don't remember the specifics, but it was difficult for me to make it up there. I think maybe I'd driven back from Dallas the day before. Yeah, I know I could look up the dates and figure it out, but... lazy.

I did make it up there though, and it was wonderful to see everyone. I realized I'd only been to MGap one other time this year, and that was to drop off my old bike.

I gave Ginny all the big hugs she could handle, and got to talk to her for a while, ask her about her plans, and so on. She's headed down to Florida. Everything's all set up. She'll still be up at MGap for a few weeks I think, but this would likely be the last time I'd see her, until she comes back to visit. Basically, she's following Diane's lead, and it's worked out pretty well for Diane. It's always an unexpected blessing when I go up there for some event and Diane happens to be there. Hopefully Ginny will be back up as often as Diane has.

Ginny, Daryl, Marc, and Andrew Mark, Ryn, Ginny, and Daryl Marc, Andrew, and Kate

I just happened to be there when a bunch of folks I knew were also there. Mark, Marc, Jen, Monte, Daryl... I forget who else. Lots of folks. Of course, Kate, Andrew, and Diane. Though I didn't know Diane would be there, so ta-da! Unexpected blessing!

While I was there, I made a run through the shop. Glen's totally out of jerseys, and I've just been wearing two base layers on top of each other for weeks now. My Hand-Ups have gotten extroardinarly raggedy too. So bad, that they catch on my levers and shifters when I move my hands around. Unacceptable! Similarly though, Glen's out of them in my size. Fortunately, MGap sells Pinhoti themed Hand-Ups and Mulberry Gap themed jerseys, so I took advantage of this ideal situation to replenish my gear drawer.

Mark brought Ryn with him and it was cool to see her. I think it's been about a year, and she keeps getting bigger and taller, like kids do.

For some other reason that I can't remember, I couldn't stay too long, so I hit the road after an hour or so. Football game, maybe? Whatever it was, it was weird, because I've now been to Mulberry Gap twice this year, and neither time did I ride or hike. Tragic. Maybe next year will be better.

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