Wednesday, December 30, 2020


I'm in Forney today, visiting my parents for Christmas. When in the Dallas Metro Area, one must ride Rowlett, and if one's father is a mountain biker who lives in the Dallas Metro Area, then one must ride Rowlett with one's father. Failure to do so will result in a less satisfying trip, as later one will be like: "Dang, I wish I'd gotten to ride Rowlett with my Dad." A terrible consequence! As such, my father and I rode Rowlett together on the day after Christmas.

I was still a little tired from the drive, as it turned out, but I still had a really good time. I want to say we rode 32-odd miles, which were mostly uneventful.

Lots of excellent trail.

Rowlett Trail

A little bit of road.

Rowlett Roadbed

Here's my dad taking Tums or something.

Dad at Rowlett


I say mostly uneventful because, when we first arrived back at the lot, I tried to check our distance on my phone, while riding. I was going a little too slow though, and managed to fall to the left, but didn't get my left foot out in time. Woohoo. There was a trash can there, so I caught myself, but I still couldn't get my foot out, and had to slowly lower myself all the way to the ground to get the force off of it. No idea. My right pedal banged my my right shin and ankle, which seemed like no big deal at the time, but then hurt for 2 days after. My left ankle got really twisted up, seemed pretty bad, but ended up only hurting for the next 30 minutes. Go figure.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There's this teeter-totter somewhere out there that's weighted funny. My dad has a good sense of it, but I don't, and though I watched him ride it like 5 times, every time I'd hit it, I'd have to stall and wait for it, or bail off of the side, super nose-high. Like I'd always be going too fast, maybe? IDK, it looked normal when he'd hit it. I never figured it out.

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