Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bobcat Roadkill

This one is kind of morbid. Kind of gross.

My girls have been in Baton Rouge with their grandparents' for the past week. Today Kathryn and I drove to Meridian Mississippi for a hand-off. In Alabama, near the border with Mississippi, out of the corner of my eye, I swore that I saw a small great-cat, dead on the side of the road. Having seen mountain lions before in Georgia, where they are not supposed to exist, the first thing I thought was that maybe it was a mountain lion cub, as unlikely as that might be. My next thought was that it might be a bobcat, as they are known in the area, but I hadn't paid close attention to the tail so I couldn't be certain.

I was telling Kathryn about it and suddenly, we saw another one. This time I paid close attention and swore I saw a long, black-tipped tail stretched out behind it.

We made note of the next mile marker. It was between mile 14 and 13. Then we picked up the kids and headed back toward Georgia. Mountain lion road-kill in Alabama would be quite a find, so we spun back to investigate. As I pulled up to it, it still looked like a mountain lion cub. But, upon closer inspection, what I thought was a tail, was only an outstretched leg. Just a bobcat.

Ewww. Poor little guy.

Bobcat 2

See what I mean though, from behind, looks like a tail, right? Well, imagine you're passing it at 70 miles an hour.

Mile 13

So, we figured the first one was probably a bobcat too, but better be sure. It was just west of mile marker 28.

Yep. Just a bobcat.

Bobcat 1

Here's the location, that's some important bridge up ahead.

Mile 28

Oh well, no eastern cougar sightings today. But still, I've never seen a bobcat that wasn't stuffed outside of the zoo, alive or dead, and then today, two!

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