Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shooting the Hooch

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Me and the family took a little mini-vacation to Helen yesterday. We drove up Friday ate at The Troll Tavern and spent the night at the Econolodge. Can't beat $60 for a double queen when everyone else wants $175 for a single king. It might have been worth it to pony up a few more bucks though. Kathryn wasn't too comfortable and tossed all night, keeping me up as well.

Saturday we ate some "free" breakfast and headed up to Anna Ruby Falls.

 Anna Ruby Falls 1

 Anna Ruby Falls 2

I'd taken the kids there before. But they were really little so it was new to them. There are several trails leading out from the area. I'll have to check them out one day.

Back in Helen we were joined by the Starling family, or 3 of them, at least. We ate lunch at, again, The Troll Tavern and proceeded forthwith to the river.

 Tubing 1

 Tubing 2

 Tubing 3

 Tubing 4

 Tubing 5

Ahhh, Cool River Tubing. For the first mile or so the water was only a few inches deep and we got stuck a lot. Both of the girls realized early on that they needed to stand up and push their tubes when that happened. But neither of them wanted to do it. So they'd just get stuck and sit there, act like they were trying to get going again and whine until I either went back to help or fussed at them. Eventually they quit doing that, though, and all was well for quite a while.

Even after the first mile, Sophie got stuck quite a lot. I stayed with her while everyone else floated away.

Back on dry land we were hungry, but we'd had enough of The Troll Tavern. Pizza time.

 Dinner 1

 Dinner 2

Yay pizza. Tomorrow I'm going hiking. Hope that goes well.

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  1. Just found your blog. Pretty good stuff, humorous but informative. We just camped at the upper hooch campground. Good times.