Friday, July 3, 2009

North Bowman's Island

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While my brother John and his wife have been busy having a baby, Kathryn and I have been busy watching their kids. Our own kids are in Baton Rouge with their grandparents and aunt. Today instead of dragging my kids around in the woods, I dragged my niece and nephew around. Unlike my kids, they were really enthusiastic about going, and appeared to enjoy themselves the entire time.

There are still a few trails in the Bowman's Island area that I haven't been on. We checked those out today.

On the way in, the trail passes through an section of woods once devestated by kudzu, now overgrown with thorn bushes, and blackberries. We ate many.

Then made our way across the creek...

 Kids at the creek

...and up past the big rock.

We checked out 2 of the trails that provide access to the neighborhood.

On the first, there was a deer just sitting down 30 feet off of the trail, unconcerned with our presence. At infinite length it got bored with us, stood up and walked away. You can barely make it out in the dead center of this shot.

 Deer 1

The second of the neighborhood access trails was kind of steep.


Heading back, we saw another deer, but it was seriously camouflaged. I couldn't get a decent shot of it.

Then we headed on down to the river, which was very high. The kids scaled a near vertical staircase of roots with ease, but once we got down to the water, we barely had room to stand on rocks that three of us could normally sprawl out on.


Not quite the magic hour, but it'll do.


  1. yo dave, i was browsing around the net and think i stumbled upon you. i don't know if you have a facebook or not, would be cool to hear from you. most likely you remember me. hans_batte at yahoo dot com