Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bowman's Island

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Yeah I just keep going back. The walk did my cramp-damaged legs some good yesterday. I figured more walking today would do even more good. This time we parked at the fish hatchery and hiked the southern trail.

I gave the Iz the map and let her navigate. She did a good job. It took her a little while to figure out which way to go at the turns, but she got it.

There were only a couple of purple lines left on my map and we covered them today. The first one led here.

 The-The House 1

 The-The House 1

"The-The House" apparently. I don't like being on private property but I didn't see any signs so maybe it was ok. I'll have to check the map later.

The second just led into the neighborhood.

We paused at the gate for some jungle gym action.


Along the road back we checked out some side trails that went to the river and to a field and to nowhere.

The whole time we kept passing fresher and fresher horse sign but never ran into any horses. The girls were excited about the possibility, so it's too bad we didn't see them. We did see 2 white tail deer but they were too well hidden to get a shot of. Plus we see deer every time we're out there, probably the same deer even.

After the hike we drove around the neighborhood following the trails along the side of the road. I think I've gotten every trail out there.

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