Monday, July 13, 2009

Bowman's Island

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Bowman's Island. Been there a hundred times. Couple of trails I haven't hiked. Etc. Etc.

Got the girls and Kathryn out there today.

 The family

We went counterclockwise in a big loop. Early on we saw a really long cottonmouth, like 5 feet long or more, reminded me of the ones I grew up with in Louisiana. Later we saw some less dangerous wildlife. This is a frog. But it just looks like a blob of mud :)

 Small Frog

We followed a spur trail that connected up to the neighborhood. It was a pretty rough trail. I figured it would lead to somebody's backyard, but it turned out to be an official trail with a sign and everything.

We backtracked to the main trail and kept going, took the connector to the southern section of the northern trail and took a side trail near the big rock. I'd been wondering where it went. Now we know.

 Tree House


We took another "trail" back to the main trail, took it just past the next dry creekbed. Sophie led us down along the creekbed to the Creek Trail and we took it home.

I picked a bunch of little seed ticks off of my ankles. Luckily, nobody else had any on them or they'd probably never want to go out in the woods again.

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