Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blankets Creek

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I bailed out of work a little early today to go ride with my dad...

 1 - The Padre

...at Blankets Creek!

 2 - Blankets Creek Trailhead

When I lived in Marietta, it was the closest trail to me and I rode it FREQUENTLY. But that was a long time ago, when there was only one, five mile loop. These days there are more than 12 miles out there and it's been a long time since I've ridden them. In fact, the last time I was out there, the Van Michaels Loop had been opened only a week prior. Today they were fast and smooth.

 3 - Van Michaels Loop Climb

 4 - Van Michaels Loop Downhill

The Van Michaels Loop has a crazy switchback with a sharp drop on the outside. My dad rode down it and bobbled right at the worst spot. I was thinking "that's a bad place to bobble" and bam, I hit something and bobbled too. I even had to unclip my outside foot, not the foot you want to have to clip out on a switchback with a sharp drop on the outside. Scary :) I should have taken a picture of it.

We rode everything but the South Loop. It was getting late and we might not get out before dark.

A bug or spider or something either bit or stung my dad right at the bottom of where his jersey was unzipped to. Ha, ha. Good thing he's not allergic.

Woohoo Blankets!

 7 - The Padre Being Silly

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