Sunday, August 23, 2009

Clinton Farms

Kathryn's in Baton Rouge for her cousin's wedding and I'm flying solo with the girls. As such, there should be no riding for me this weekend. I was just leaving to take them to play with their cousins when my dad called. He and my mom were supposed to leave for Dallas last weekend, but all kinds of odd events conspired to keep them in town. They met me at my brother's house and we all went to Clinton Farms. My mom played with all the kids on the playground, while my dad, my nephew Austin and I did some riding.

 Getting ready

Austin can kind of rip it.



We rode a couple of miles with Austin on the front side, then my dad and I went out for a big loop. I made the tough climb back up to the power lines. Yes. My dad was not so lucky. I can't brag too much though, I almost slipped out and went sliding down to the bottom of the crazy off-camber slickrock, while my dad cleaned it easily. Speed is your friend, as he says frequently.

Whenever I'm at Clinton, I'm always riding with my dad or brother and we're always moving with a purpose. I never get a chance to go exploring or take in the sights, but there are tons of old buildings out there. I need to go out there by myself one day, go exploring and take some photos.

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