Monday, August 17, 2009

Bowman's Island

Saturday's Fool's Gold left me with dead legs on Sunday. A little walk would feel good. The last time I was on the east side of Bowman's Island I saw a trail that I though lead toward Richland Creek. There's a trail leading north from Hwy 20 too. Maybe they join up. Let's find out.

The girls and I parked off island Ford Road and headed off down the trail. I noticed a pile of rocks up on the ridge that I hadn't seen before. An old chimney? Hard to say.

 Rock pile

I'd sprayed bug spray on our legs earlier. Sophie had tripped and had to brush the dirt off and wanted to wash her hands before eating a snack. I told her she could wash them in Richland Creek if we ever made it there. The trail I'd seen before just went down to the river though. A dead end.

We went down to the river and Sophie washed her hands. Down river we could see what appeared to be a waterfall. Hmmm.

There was no trail leading south but the terrain was open so we just followed the roar. Looks like there's beavers here. They're going to have to work a lot harder if the want to dam the Chattahoochee.

 Beaver damage

The waterfall turned out to be the outlet of a treatment plant or something.


Maybe it was just part of the fish hatchery.


I'll have to find out.

Sophie navigated us back to the main trail. Iz led us back to the car. My legs were so dead though, her pace was blistering. It was raining a little too. Ugh.

 Blistering pace

Hey look a turtle.


What a drag. The trail didn't lead to Hwy 20. Now that I look at the map, I mistook one trail for another. There's still another trail leading south that I haven't been on. I'll have to check it out next time, or come at it from Hwy 20.

There's a lot of land on that side of the river with no trails. I'll have to do a little bushwhacking too. Next time.

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